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About Breezeback

BreezeBack is integrated with our BreezeReview program where a customized text message is sent to the person, asking them to rate and review your
services. From there, the review will go through our filter system, and if the review is 4- stars or higher, it will go directly to your Google My Business Page.

Having trouble populating your email list? Entice people to sign up to your mailing list by offering “marketing collateral.” Marketing collateral can be something that you can send somebody digitally for free, as long as they enter their name, phone number and email. For example, it could be a curriculum for your massage therapy school, a booklet with expert tips from your real estate agency, or a video further demonstrating your product.


BreezeBack is a streamlined program that automatically sends your marketing collateral immediately to the inbox of the person who just signed up. This eliminates any manual labour required by your employees who have bigger and better things to accomplish for your business!

That’s not all! BreezeBack will automatically mine important customer data for your CRO, including names, phone numbers and emails. When paired with BreezeMail, your growing mailing list will¬†automatically be sent your latest news and product sales, creating a higher ROI as you will be reaching more potential buyers.


Automate review requests
Populate your emailing list
Streamline your marketing campaign
Automatically mine customer data

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“We’re very impressed with the automation and data mining capabilities BreezeBack has enabled for our website.

I don’t know what we would do without it to tell you the truth!”

Hisham Bejiany
Marketing Manager, Brawn Bros. HVAC


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